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Recommend a Book
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Welcome to recomended_book! Quite obviously this is a community where you can recommend a book that you have read and enjoyed. You can also discuss books. The book(s) you recommend can be of any genre. If you're recommending more then three books at once, then please put it behind an LJ-Cut.

When you're recommending a book, please use this form:

Book Title: (Title of the Book you're recommending)
Author: (Author's Name)
Genre: (What type of Genre)
Book Numbers: (If it's a series, put how many books there are in the series so far. If it's not a series, put 1.)
Why I liked the Book: (Give a paragraph or so about why you enjoyed the book.)
Summary: (You can either give your own summary of the book, or the one on the book.)

And of course, a few rules to make the community a better place.

1. Be kind.
2. Use the form when recommending a book. (If you do not, a comment will be left asking you to change it. You will get 1 day to do so, and then the post will be deleted if you don't)
3. If you're going to discuss a book (not when you're recommending it) then you MUST put "Discussing (book title) SPOILERS"
4. Any rude or unnecessary behavior will result in being banned.
5. Do not criticize others on books they recommend. (However, you may criticize the book.)