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Review this read!

I want to recommend a book I wrote entitled,"Season Reflections". It is a children's book of poetry that talks about the seasons and all the joy, excitement and wonder they bring. One of my favorite poems in the book is "The Zoo". Here is an excerpt from the book of the poem.
There goes a monkey,
There goes a seal,
There goes an ape's banana peel.

There goes a donkey,
There goes a gorilla,
There goes a walking chincilla.

There goes a cow,
that lets out a moo,
these are the things at the zoo.

This is one of 27 other poems listed in the book. The book's listing is available at and all the other major online booksellers along with links for commments, reviews, and excerpts from the book. "Season Reflections" by Allise Hurd. Review the book with your children, nieces and nephews. Your comments are greatly, appreciated!
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